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ChuckCanterbury2I have been an FOP member since 1984, and began serving as President of the FOP in 2003. I have witnessed tremendous growth in the FOP’s membership and influence during that time.

As President, I have placed great importance on strengthening the Labor Services Division of the FOP. Because of this emphasis, we have succeeded in improving working conditions, salaries, benefits, and overall quality of life for our membership. We continue to build on our successes and look to reach out into communities where there is no collective bargaining.

The FOP’s Legislative Office is the most active and most effective of all law enforcement organizations. Through its efforts, we have made a measurable difference in the lives of all public service employees, and particularly FOP members. I consider one of my highest priorities, making sure that the Legislative Office has everything it needs to continue its long history of unparalleled successes.

As I run for re-election this year, I hope that you will stand with me. I want the best for the FOP and its members. I will continue to work my hardest to achieve that with your help.